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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Spring Session is for dedicated beach players to get a jump on the beach season before it starts in April. No longer is beach volleyball a 3 month season. Several girls are training 8 months out of the year and striving to receive beach volleyball scholarships in college!

Program Duration:  This program will begin on February 1st and run through April 27th.

Spring Session

1.  12's, 14's, 16's, & 18's  this program is for the girls that have committed to become better at beach volleyball and get ahead in the spring season instead of waiting till summer. Our Spring Session works around the High School beach season. The 12's and 14's will be lead by Kelly Drobeck, and 16's and 18's will be lead by Jeff Smith.

Cost $925

Cost Includes a long sleeve T-shirt, sports jacket, spandex sport pants, and 25 practices coached by professional beach volleyball players. The spring season offers over 50 plus hours of instruction, and 25 training sessions with True Fitness or Yoga at the end of every practice. The season starts on February 1 and ends April 27th.

Partners: You will not need a partner for this program but if you do, you can request to train with her.

Tryouts: No tryouts for the spring season. To register and receive a registration packet, email [email protected]

Deadline to register: Jan. 31st 2015 Email: [email protected]



This is our primary summer program that we have been running for the last 8 years. Every practice will have 90 minutes of volleyball instruction with a professional volleyball player and a 30-45 min training session with our professional strength and conditioning coach by True Fitness.

Practice Sessions

Group A
Our practices are on the beach at South Mission on a Mon/Wed in the afternoon from 4:00-6:15. When summer break from school starts we switch to a morning schedule of 9:00-11:15. Typically we have u16's and u'18s in this session.
Program Duration: May 2nd-Aug 3rd


Group B
Our practices are on the beach at South Mission on a Tues/Thurs in the afternoon from 4:00-6:15. When summer break from school starts we switch to a morning schedule of 9:00-11:15. Typically we have u12, u14, u16's and u'18s in this session.Program Duration: May 3rd-Aug 4th


Session 2:

Practice starts the month of June and we have 3 afternoon practices till summer break and we go on different days of the week. No weekends. For Example we might have a practice that starts on a Tuesday at 11:45-2, and a Friday at 9:00-11:15. We have loaded up the practice days to 3 days a week after mid July to get the girls caught up from the late summer start. We have all ages in this session

Program Duration: June 3rd -Aug. 5th

Cost: $775

Session 3:

Practice starts after summer break and we go on a Monday and Wednesday and a couple Friday practices from 4:30-6:30. No weekends.This is our shortest session with 15 practice days. We have 12/14/16 in this session.

Program Duration: June 22nd-Aug 5th


There are 8-10 tournaments in Ocean Beach run by the CBVA and up the coast every weekend. 692 will be going to “BVCA Club Championship” in Hermosa Beach if selected on July 11-15. AAU Beach Nationals are on July 6-9 in Hermosa Beach which is open registration. All tournaments are optional.

No partner needed, but some girls already have a partner they want to play with and other girls do not come to us with a partner. We do our best to match these girls with a partner, but in the end it is your choice who you play with.

Tryouts: 2016

April 3rd

U12’s 9:00-11:30

U14’s 12:00-2:30

April 10th

U16’s 9:00-11:30

U18’s 12:00-2:30

April 20th

12’s, 14's & 16’s 3:30-6:00

April 24th

All Ages 9:00-11:30

Location: South Mission where Brighton Court intersects the boardwalk. Park at South Mission parking lot and walk up the boardwalk 200 yards to Brighton Court (all streets dead end into training the boardwalk).



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